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WAMOA Strategic Plan

WAMOA Strategic Plan

Last Updated: May 2019

Vision 1: An organization with a sufficient, committed, volunteer labor base.


  • Continually strive to increase membership and promote diversity among members.
  • Provide a well qualified slate of Officers and Board of Directors.
  • Reinforce the expectation that board members remain committed and productive.

Specific Actions:

1.    Identify non-member school districts, higher education institutions and potential Associate Members. Target those individuals with direct personal contact and information via mailings, such as complimentary copies of the WAMOA Journal and encourage them to join the association. Other actions are to promote Regional Training Seminars; and offer excellent topics and programs at regional meetings. Assigned to Executive Coordinator and Region Representatives.

2.    Encourage members to actively participate in their regions, and foster and promote their professional growth and desire to serve on the board. Assure that each region is holding rep/co-rep election every two years.  Assigned to Regional Representatives

3.   Encourage chairpersons to involve regional members, not just board members as members of their committee. Assigned to Committee Chairpersons.

4.    Announcements of WAMOA Board vacancies and other opportunities to serve shall be communicated appropriately. Region Representatives shall notify president of regional elections. Assigned to the President.

5.     Mentor and support   the professional growth and recruiting of board members. Assigned to Current and Past Officers and WAMOA Board.

6.    Establish responsibilities and expectations for all committee chairs Assigned to the President

Vision 2: An organization that is recognized for its professionalism.


  • Maintain and continue to promote WAMOA as a recognized leader among professional associations in the educational field.


  • Pursue opportunities to enhance the professional work environment through interaction with other organizations and peers.

Specific Actions:

1.    Partner and establish dialog with other similar professional groups. Continue to establish our organization as the knowledgeable experts in M&O. Assigned to the President.

2.     Promote WAMOA through reciprocal participation with like organizations to WAMOA Annual Conference and Regional Training Seminars; provide precise information on the benefits of WAMOA. Assigned to Executive Committee

3.    Run promotional ads in like publications. Spread message through websites; send president’s letters to organizations and administrators. Assigned to the Executive Coordinator.

4.    Maintain and promote the professional certification program. Negotiate price break for WAMOA members with national certification programs. Assigned to Professional Development Chair.

5.    Provide and promote professional growth opportunities for educational facilities professionals. Update knowledge pool; search for grant programs for providing professional growth to members; promote training programs through the WAMOA Publications; Regional Training Seminars, Annual Conference, Leadership Seminars and region meetings. Assigned to WAMOA Board and Committee Chairs.

Vision 3: An organization with stable and adequate funding.


  • Maintain a broad membership base.
  • Achieve full participation at the conference and trade show and other association activities.
  • Establish an ongoing stable financial attitude by insuring adequate income to support desired programs and maintain an established reserve in accordance with WAMOA Policies & Procedures.

Specific Actions:

1.    Identify and target potential members with flyers and complimentary WAMOA Publications, emails, phone calls, personal contact, etc. Continue to build the value of the organization. Assigned to Every WAMOA Member.

2.    Maximize advertising revenues through the WAMOA Publications, website and directory.  Solicit articles from other organizations and our Educational Partners. Assigned to WAMOA Board.

3.    Maximize Trade Show vendor booth sales. Promote trade show participation at regional meetings. Continue to create innovative activities to coincide with the trade show. Send letter of appreciation to Educational Partners. Assigned to the Trade Show Committee.

4.    Ensure that each chair and region rep maintains a balanced budget. Identify acceptable expenditures for each area of responsibility. Assigned to WAMOA Board

5.    Encourage WAMOA members to support the Platinum and Gold Partners who support our association. Assigned to all WAMOA Members

Vision 4: An organization with excellent communications between members.


  • Maintain effective member/board communications.
  • Continue to provide communication links to members and WAMOA sponsored resources and information. Examples: Internet, WAMOA Publications, TWIO (This Week in Olympia), job hot line, e-mail (individual and listserv), etc.
  • Continue to improve communications with all Educational Partners.

Specific Actions:

1.    President shall endeavor to attend regional meetings upon invitation. Assigned to Region Representatives.

2.    Provide support for regional representatives. Assigned to Vice President.

3.    Maintain and expand WAMOA's Internet website. Suggested expansion: Periodic messages from president, links to other informational websites, WAMOA Publications. Assigned to President

4.    The President will communicate with Region Representatives regarding solicitation of input from members, reminders of tasks to be completed. And to provide information to be disseminated to members by Region Representatives. Assigned to President.

5.    Region Representatives shall periodically receive and review the current list of Educational Partners in their area and encourage non-member meeting attendees to join WAMOA. Assigned to Region Representatives.

Vision 5: An organization that maintains continuity of their strategic plan, and strives to achieve the established objectives.


  • Evaluate the progress and achievements of the Strategic Plan.
  • Review and update the Strategic Plan on an annual basis.

Specific Actions:

1.    Annually review the strategic plan at a meeting coinciding with the last board meeting prior to the fall conference. Assigned to the Board 

2.    The revised Strategic Plan shall be published annually in WAMOA Publications and on the website. Assigned to the President

Vision 6: Review and Evaluate organization effectiveness.


  • To ensure the professional performance and adherence to the organization.

Specific Actions:

To review and ensure compliance with board Code of Ethics, By-Laws and Policies & Procedures. Assigned to the By-Law Chairman.

Vision 7: An organization that looks forward to and plans for the future.


  • Investigate trends, legislation and technologies that may affect educational organizations in the future.
  • Review the effectiveness of our organizational growth.
  • Maintain and expand the Platinum and Gold Educational Partner Programs.

Specific Actions:

1.    Continue to monitor legislation and technologies that may affect educational maintenance organizations in the future. Assigned WAMOA Board.

2    Approve plans, goals, and objectives at the December Board meeting in conjunction with approval of the annual budget. Assigned to WAMOA Executive Committee.

WAMOA’s Mission:

 To promote diversity and foster the highest degree of professionalism in its members engaged in the management of maintenance and operations in educational facilities; to enhance the professional competence of members through education. 

Copyright WAMOA 2016 WAMOA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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